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What’s the best for you?

All this talk about e-marketing, viral marketing, Facebook and so on…it can be a little daunting for those who don’t spend their time surfing the internet 24/7.

But if you’re thinking about promoting any sort of business online, don’t let that put you down. Optimising in e-marketing strategies can provide great success as there are a huge range of dynamic platforms which can suit your needs and budgets.

Jeremiah Owyang from Web strategy and columnist for Forbes CMO network has listed the different forms of web marketing.  

Here are some that were mentioned, including ones that I have previously spoken about in my previous posts:

Email marketing: Many consider email marketing a bit old fashioned these days, but it still works! It is cost effective, fast and convenient than snail mail. Email allows interactive links to web pages, videos and information to download. However, it would only effectively gain the interest of consumers if they have chosen to ‘opt in’ or subscribe to the emails because they would most likely be the right target market for your business –  so note to self: Don’t just send emails out to addresses you randomly found – they would just disregard it as junk.  

Social Media: Ahh yes…there has been lots of talk about social media and there are a range of platforms available such as blogs, social networking sites and video and photo sharing sites. These sites allow interactions with consumers to provide feedbacks and discussions – it’s a two way marketing process. Like emails, it is cost effective and instant, but social media allows a much quicker turnaround as it has the opportunity to go viral. If your page is interesting enough, people may send the link to others, or even posit it on their own Facebook page for all their 800 or so friends to see. That is an almost instant viewing!

Banner ads and pop up ads: one that is often used, placing banner or pop up ads can give you the ability to use colourful and animated graphic as well as vary in sizes and positioning of a website. These ads are essentially like interactive magazine ads – you can place them in websites that would fit with the target market you’re after. However, less is more: don’t be too animated and don’t place sounds or noises to it – consumers may find it more annoying than appealing.  

Group coupons: A new way of issuing out coupons and promotions – group coupons combines that viral ‘tell all your friends’ in order to secure a great deal for themselves and companies will be able to see a large amount of traffic and business.  

Websites: any business should have a website set up – even if it’s just a page with details and information (NOT one that is still ‘under construction’). The internet has provided a new way for consumers to search for information – they would generally search for what they need through the internet and if your name and website doesn’t pop up, then you’ll be missing out.  

Search engine marketing/Pay per click/viewed: The whole purpose of a website is to be listed when a search is done through a search engine (think Google). Choosing to pay for your link to show up more prominently – such as on the side bar with a pretty picture and a description or just right on the top of the search – may allow more traffic to your site. Paying for keywords that aligns with your business will also have it shown up through the listings.   

Always think carefully of how you want to market your business online – it still has to align with the rest of your marketing campaign, as well as the image of your brand. It should also have some creativity to draw people’s attention – but be careful, don’t overplay it as it can be disastrous.  Take Witchery’s viral campaign as an example. In trying to launch their new men’s line, they posted a video on Youtube that showed a girl looking for a ‘man in the jacket,’ a romantic quest to find the guy of her dreams. The video went viral and many generous people attempted to help the girl. However – it was all a hoax – a campaign to catch the attention of consumers. Indeed, it was a different concept and it did gain a lot of attention on the internet, but it left a bad image and a bombardment of complaints about marketing ethics.

The ‘man in the jacket’ posting that went viral

The actress comming clean about the campaign for Witchery men (and still attempts to sell it with her bad acting…)

So always remember – the internet has social etiquettes too!  

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The ad your ad could look like


Old spice on the internet

Old Spice. Not a very attractive name is it? But it is a brand that has been around for more than 70 years – a brand that has been passed on down to generations of men as a tool to attract the opposite sex. Unfortunately, over the years the musky strong smell of the deodarant only conjures images of one’s grandad – not a very appealing image when you’re trying to impress the girl of your dreams.

In their recent attempt to revive the brand (and get away from the image of wrinkly old men), Old Spice has used a clever tool to speak out to the younger generation of boys and the women’s market– and that is through social networking.

In this phenomenal campaign, former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa, (now known as the old spice guy) uses his devilishly handsome good looks and suave personality to promote the product. In these viral videos, which only aired online through Facebook, Youtube and Twitter, Mustafa utters: “hello ladies. Look at your man, now back to me, sadly he isn’t me. But if he stopped using lady’s scented body wash and used old spice, he could smell like me.” The image of the Old Spice Guy has gone from being your grandad to the hottest guy on the planet…

But enough about him. The remarkable thing about this campaign is the fact that it only used social media to advertise. We all know social media is the new, edgy way of marketing, but this has taken it to a whole new level. For the first 3 days of the campaign launch, instead of just setting up a profile and posting twitter notes, the old spice guy actually responded to people’s comments with a personalised video post – a much pricier way of replying to tweets than normal, but boy did it work! During that period, the company posted over 150 video responses with each one averaging to over 2.8 million views.

Here are some examples of his video responses.

One of the notions of marketing through social networking sites is to make personal connections with consumers, and in this case, Old Spice did just that – addressing each person, by name, with a personalised message that they’ll remember. No mass emailing, no generic responses – each video comment was carefully written to address each individual.   

This had people sitting at computers all afternoon watching the Old Spice Facebook/Youtube/Twitter page for updates, wanting to see what he was saying and checking if their question had been answered. Even celebrities such as Alyssa Milano and Ashton Kutcher wanted to be part of it, showing their support for Old Spice.

Another interesting note is that even though this campaign has not been aired in traditional marketing mediums, it still gains global attention. That is the beauty of viral online marketing. As we all know firsthand, when we see something as awesome as…let’s just say the old spice guy…we immediately share it with ten other people. The company also posted videos targeted at talk show hosts, gossip/news columnists and entrepreneurs such as Ellen Degeneres, Perez Hilton and Guy Kawasaki. How smart is that? These video responses are essentially branded ads, but instead of placing 150 expensive ad spots on TV or in a magazine, they are going through non traditional mediums – influential people in the pop culture market who have their own set of audience and fans, and who would most likely share it with them – cause well, let’s face it, the campaign’s awesome! 

Craig Reiss from claims that this campaign has changed the rules of social network marketing and commentators are calling it the best use of social media ever, and I can’t agree more. It’s clever, it’s fun and it made me want my man to smell like an old spice man!

On that note, have a look at Tim Costello’s parody of the campaign to market world vision. Not quite as attractive as Isaiah Mustafa …but I think he did a great job!

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